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Books of Historical Fiction featuring Polish-American Culture

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The Chopin Trilogy

The Willow's Bend


An Aerospace Executive is found drowned in the canals of Amsterdam.

Stanley Wisniewski is a retired CIA officer, called in to solve this  mysterious death for the firm that manufactures the CIA's Daedalus Destroyer  Drones.  

As he investigates, he recalls the three promises he made to his dying father, an Auschwitz survivor:

- Cherish and Care For Your Mother

- Always Remember your Polish Heritage

- Throughout Your Life,  Protect The Weak from The Abuses of the Strong

Thus, two stories are concurrently told - Stanley solving the murder  of the Defense Executive, and his father's telling of how he was able to survive the horrors of Auschwitz and World War II. The two tales across time intertwine, lighting the fuse to the dramatic climax which takes place in Warsaw.

Historical themes explored include the Nazi and Russian invasions of Poland, the infamous development of the Auschwitz and Birkenau Nazi Concentration Camps, The August 1944 Polish Insurgency (The Warsaw Uprising) and a brief summary of the history of Poland. Pride of the Polish Culture is the central theme.

Set in Baltimore, Washington DC, California, London, Amsterdam and Poland, with the climatic conclusion of both stories taking place in Warsaw's Stare Miasto and Krasiński Square.

198 Pages

Published April 2016

Chasing The Winter's Wind

This novel begins in the closing moments of The Willow's Bend.

  Stanley Wisniewski is now being chased across Europe by his former boss, Deputy Director Jack Trellis of the CIA.  Stanley knows the excesses of Trellis' greed, and that Trellis wants him silenced forever. Trellis has the search for the aged spy led by Stanley's former protege, Diane "The Huntress" Sterling.  Trellis has also added to the team the ominous Special Ops recruit, Carlyle, whose secret mission is to silence Stanley once Diane finds him.

Stanley is driven by his love for the beautiful Agnieszka Danuska, the beautiful wife of Communist Poland's Economic Minister.  Stanley recalls the years he spent in Warsaw, developing Agnieszka and her son as the core of his network within the emerging Solidarity Trade Union in Gdansk.

This story deals with the historical events ranging from the 1940 Katyń Massacre to the Gdansk shipyard strikes of 1980, leading to the failure of the Communist State in Poland.

The story is set in Washington DC, London, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Gdansk, Görlitz, Milan and France. The climatic ending takes place in Paris' celebrated Père Lachaise Cemetery at the foot of Frédéric Chopin's tomb.

428 Pages

Published September 2017

War of the Nocturne's Widow

Diane Sterling is missing, and this fact alone threatens to ignite an intelligence war.

Following the conclusion of "Chasing The Winter's Wind", the CIA cannot locate their agent, Diane, who they have named     "The Huntress".

Jack Trellis, Deputy Director of the Operations for the CIA suspects Diane is being harbored by his nemesis within  the British Secret Service (MI6), George Chartwell.

Trellis fears Diane carries with her the his darkest secrets of the Cold War, Project Osiris.

Join your favorite characters returning for this concluding installment of The Chopin Trilogy -the young  innocent Polish cultural agent Sophie, the young German Stasi expert Emory Hauptmann,  the charming British spy  Malcolm Devereaux,  the ambitious internet publisher Preston Almesbury, Trellis' CIA adjutant Ellison Redmond, and the ever-erring Dominic Reeves.  And, of course,  carrying the story from "The Willow's Bend" through this novel is the idealist Stanley Wisniewski.

The story deals historically with the establishment of the communist state of East Germany after World War II, and their repressive Stasi Secret Police. The history of the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, in the context  of events leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, is explored.

The novel is set in Washington DC, London, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. The exciting conclusion takes place in and around Berlin.

224 Pages

Publication  Expected May 201

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