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Intriguing Tales of Historical Fiction

Intriguing Tales of Historical Fiction

Intriguing Tales of Historical FictionIntriguing Tales of Historical FictionIntriguing Tales of Historical Fiction

My novels are the product of my love for history, my worldwide travels and my vivid imagination. I have a passion for storytelling, and have had tremendous feedback of the quality of  my writing. Come take a ride with one of my tales!  

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"Ever Blooms The Rose"

Cowritten with my Collaborator in All Things, My Lovely Wife, Marie

Our Newest Title NOW AVAILABLE

Our newest title, "Ever Blooms the Rose", is a historical fiction set in the north Georgia town of Cartersville during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Co-researched and written with my wife, Marie, it tells the story of two Confederate soldiers, Clay and Willet, who are wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga.  They struggle to survive the war and its aftermath in their devastated hometown. Both are loved by the hometown girl they grew up with, Deekie, who now has to watch each man cope with his war experiences in his own way. Clay struggles in an honest attempt to carve out a living, while Willet resorts to leading a  band of marauders.  When an Irish Carpetbagger comes to town with his innocent, young niece, a fuse is lit which can only result in an explosive confrontation between Clay and Willet.  

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Thank you to all who made our last year so successful!

Thanks to these vendors now carrying our books...

  • Booth Western Museum in Cartersville - Our newest carrier of the Civil War/Reconstruction novel "Ever Blooms The Rose"

  • Cartersville, GA - Wall2Wall (W2W) on the square. Say hello to Valli and Joe, great folks with a truly amazing skill for framing of almost anything.

  • Cartersville, GA - Bartow History Museum - Miss Pat Taff has been one of our earliest supporters and a great friend.

  • Acworth, GA - Acworth Military Bookstore, on the main downtown area, alongside the train tracks. The owner, Guy, maintains this incredible resource of books, most pertaining to the area.

  • Blue Ridge, GA - E Quinn Book Seller, our newest partner! If you are in the area, stop in and see Michael's fantastic collection of titles, including our own!

And, of course, as always we are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and many other on-line booksellers in hardback, paperback and e-formats (including Apple i-books).

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"Beware he who wrestles with monsters, lest he become a monster himself!" ... Friedrich Nietzsche

The Chopin Trilogy

Join the excitement that begins with Stanley Wisniewski, a retired CIA operative, being called to investigate an apparent corporate murder in Amsterdam in "The Willow's Bend".  Stanley is hunted across Europe by the CIA and Britain's MI6 in "Chasing the Winter's Wind". In this novel, Stanley's backstory is revealed as he is pursued by his protege, Diane "The Huntress" Sterling. And the third novel, "War of the Nocturne's Widow", opens with Diane missing as an Intelligence War between the CIA and  Britain's MI6 looms.


Below are a few comments excerpted from my readers:

"It did not take me long to read these because they were hard to put down once started."

"After reading your trilogy, I was thoroughly captivated by your storytelling, plot twists and character development!"

"You had me thoroughly engrossed in Chapter 2 ... As a second generation Polish American, I thoroughly enjoyed..... and even more, I appreciated..... the weaving of the Polish character, culture, history and heritage into the espionage and intrigue of the Chopin Trilogy. Thank you, Mr. Trawinski, for your telling me Stanley's tale."

"The Willow's Bend masterfully works through its protagonist Stanley to take you into Nazi Germany's occupation of Poland, Polish culture, and the inner workings of a modern day large aerospace defense contractor to create an enthralling and captivating read. The clandestine, investigative components of the book easily pull you in for what becomes an exciting and unexpected ending shaped by belief, character, and moral duty."

"The book tells of the brutal occupation of Poland during WWII and how one's actions of the past can have a powerful influence on the actions of the present. The descriptive passages are wonderfully written. I enjoyed this story immensely."

(The Willow's Bend)

"I loved the intrigue and suspense. The author did an excellent job of describing and developing the characters with their devious personalities. I could easily visualize the various locations that the story takes place in. The best mind-blowing element is the twist you do not see coming at the end of the book. I was on the edge of my seat for the last few chapters."

(The Willow's Bend)

"This immersive book is brilliantly written and took me on an action packed adventure from DC and CIA headquarters at Langley through parts of Europe including Poland, East Germany, Austria, Italy, and France."  

(Chasing the Winter's Wind)

"What a well-written and well-thought-out story. It's full of suspense and intrigue. I could not stop reading until I found out how it ended. I was not disappointed, either." 

(War of the Nocturne's Widow)

"I would love to see this trilogy turned into a mini-series or full-length movie!"

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The Chopin Trilogy

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